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    We offer a good services beach access with 24-hour lifeguard surveillance, a special tour promo package.

  • Location

    A four hours’ travel from Manila to Iba Zambales and another 30 minutes to Luming’s IJL Beach Resort.You can check this link for more information.Here>>

  • Comfort and elegance

    We offer a very affordable standard room rates and suites with special promo.

Luming’s IJL Beach Resort

  • Are you looking for a newest Beach Resort destination here at Iba, Zambales? We offer you Luming’s IJL Beach Resort where we have the best amenities in all zambales beach resort that you and your family can enjoy with every minute of staying in our beach resort.

    The Luming’s IJL Beach Resort is known as for having a clean and very beautiful beach, affordable accommodations, relaxing rooms and mini garden, friendly staff and large parking area for peak season.

    Our landscaping is very well maintained. We provide full beach resort services with complete facilities, accommodation that every visitor and travelers will enjoy.

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    Giron’s family enjoying our Beach Resort, Visit our Facebook Page, More About Luming’s IJL Beach Resort

  • Luming's IJL Beach Resort in Zambales

  • Luming's IJL Beach Resort in Zambales
  • Rooms and Services

    What differs us from other Zambales Beach Resort is that our room’s offers a relaxing and comfortable style of living where you can hear the sound of the ocean and wave surfing.

    From our air-conditioned room, beach cottages, pavilion, coffee shop and picnic tables, we also offer a superb food and beverage services.

    We continue to upgrade our rooms and open space for your activities, enjoyment and add more amenities to offer our travelers to have more fun and fabulous adventure staying with us.

Luming’s IJL Beach Resort
An environmental friendly, protects surrounding beaches by implementing cleanliness, protecting reefs, corals and wildlife.

Luming’s IJL Beach Resort Gallery

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Enjoy Our Crystal Clear Beach Water.